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Club Aussie is proud to launch the Migrant Impact Awards, an initiative to promote and share the stories of WA Migrants. These are individuals, families and in turn businesses who have made their mark on WA and added something to our community and economy. This year we will let their stories be heard.

Join us in celebrating what WA is today and the people that have helped to make it what it is. Togetherness is strength, unity and growth.



Do you know an amazing Perth Migrant Story? The story of someone that has contributed greatly to the West Australian Community? Please enter their details here and we will contact them to apply. It’s that easy.



Have you got your own great story? Feel like you have made a positive impact on our community. We would love to hear from you. With 10 categories to choose from there is something for you. Enter your details here.



Want to be a part of something great? Stand with us and support a fantastic opportunity to recognise people, families and businesses that have got WA where it is today. To find out more about sponsorship, simply enter your details here.